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1. This warranty determines the general conditions on which the chains are repaired free of charge or at the seller's option, replaced by OMEGA TPC. The warranty does not affect implied warranties, any other legal claims response or other written warranty agreements.

2. Claims under this warranty may only be raised, if the observance of all stipulations of the "warning against misuse" is proven. In case of non-observance of the 'warning against misuse", this warrantee is void.

3. This warranty does not cover compensation for damage to persons or property.

4. Compensation for damage to property is generally excluded, unless prescribed by law.

5. The warrantee expires after a period of 6 months from the date of purchase of the chain. The date of purchase has to be proven by means of a sales slip.

6. Claims under this warrantee are subject to the return of the, chains together with the required evidence and the sales slip to the manufacturer, the general importer or the dealer who sold the chains. Claims concerning cross country- and tyre protection chains must be accompanied by an exact description of the damage and its cause and sent to OMEGA TPC, or the general distributor/agent, within one week of occurrence of the damage.

7. The warrantee does not cover damage resulting from normal wear.

8. In case claims under this warrantee are raised, OMEGA TPC reserves the right to determine the necessary measures for achieving the warranty.


1. The buyer's legal claims to the manufacturer, concerning cancellation of the purchase contract, reduction of the purchase price, or compensation deliveries, remain untouched.

2. We guarantee the use of specially tested steel according to works analysis, expert manufacture, perfect surface and/or core hardness and excellent fit. For this warranty, please refer to our warranty conditions.

3. Tyre protection chains: our warranty covers 1000 operating hours or a Maximum of 6 months unless otherwise expressed and includes the replacement of all faulty parts, (with the exception of wear, thermal and other environmental influences) free of charge. Every shipment of OMEGA Tyre Protection chains includes a sufficient number of spares. Additional spares would have to be charged for.


Our excellent product has been manufactured with utmost care. The consistent high quality is achieved by a certified Quality Assurance System according to ISO 9001 as applied by our suppliers.

Legal regulations require that these warnings are attached, although many of them will seem self-evident to you.

But always keep these instructions in mind. By using the tyre protection chains, you and your staff declare to have taken notice of, and will observe these warnings and that you will not assert any claims against the manufacturer, importer or retailer in case of non-observance.

Non-observance of the following instructions may cause substantial damage to persons or property (road accidents) with severe consequences.

1. Tyre Protection chains should only be used for mounting on vehicle tyres. These chains, as well as spare parts are case-hardened, thus being wear-resistant, and must not be used for pulling, lifting or other purposes.

2. Only mount the chains on tyres of the dimensions specified on the respective label of the package. Chains should be fitted on new tyres corresponding to the ETRTO standards and mounted on adequate rims. Retreated tyres are often larger and the perfect fit of the chains has to be checked in each case. If the chain does not fit perfectly it must not be used. Check the inflation pressure according to the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer. The air pressure must not be reduced before mounting and then increased again. This could lead to damage (breakage, cracks) of chain and/or tyre due to over tension.

3. Check the chains before use. If parts of the chain are damaged or broken, the chain must not be used.

4. Chains must always be mounted in pairs on an axle.

5. Please consider the dead weight of tyre protection chains during mounting and dismounting. Incorrect handling of the chains can lead to injuries.

6. Read the mounting instructions carefully. Non-observance of the mounting instructions may result in malfunctions of the chains and damage to the vehicle and may increase the risk of accidents.

7. Before using the vehicle always check if the chains have been mounted correctly.

8. After a short driving distance (approx.50 to 100 meters) the perfect and centric fit of the chains has to be checked. Retentions the chains if necessary.

9. Tension the chains only as tight as necessary. Excessive tensioning may cause damage to chain and tyre. Tyre protection chains should be mounted flat on the tyre and must only be tensioned with the removable tension lever supplied or a ratchet hoist. Other ways of tensioning (loader shovel, crane-) could damage the chain and endanger the mounting staff, as the mounting chain could break from overstrain.

10. Make sure that after the mounting; no part of the chain grazes parts of the vehicle-loader at lowered shovel level and in all extreme positions (swing axles).

11. Avoid spinning of the wheels. Increased wear would lead to greater damage to the chain.

12. Check condition and wear of the chains during travel every 200 operating hours minimum.

13. Repairs of damaged chains and modifications to suit a different size should only be carried out by qualified personnel.

14. Only use original OMEGA TPC spares for repairs, to be supplied by the SELLER. The use of any other type of spares shall void any warrantee or guarantee supplied by the SELLER.

15. The lifetime of tyre protection chains is consumed as soon as several rings or links break due to wear. For reasons of economy we recommend to replace a maximum of 5% of the rings and links of the chain by spares. In case more than 5% of the elements (rings and links) are already replaced, the chain should either be generally overhauled or replaced in whole.

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