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OMEGA Tyre Protection Chains are manufactured to a unique, patented design, and proven to be outstanding and successful for use at quarries, underground and opencast mines, brickfields, slag operations, glass and tile works, forestry etc.

Due to their pattern and specialized manufacturing process, they are highly resistant to breakage and wear.


     ◊ Exceptionally long Chain life.

     ◊ The chain, with its many links and extensive side wall coverage, offers overall protection
          against wear, cuts and punctures.

     ◊ Repairs and maintenance downtime on tyres are minimal throughout the life of the chain.

     ◊ Cost saving tread area replacement of the chain available. Thus reduces chain replacement

     ◊ The chain can be fitted to new, buffed or good used tyres with equal success.

     ◊ Light, heavy and extra duty chains are available for all tyre sizes and budgets.


"The world’s deepest mine only uses Omega Chains – The BEST calls for the BEST - Undisputable!"

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