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OMEGA CHAINS (Pty) Ltd was established in 1972.

The Industry recognises and acknowledges the benchmark set by OMEGA TPC and the innovative role played by OMEGA CHAINS.

The company moved to capitalise on this sector of the industry, having the capabilities to enhance quality, production and a favourable pricing structure.

The investment reform proved successful and catapulted OMEGA TPC further in the industrial market.

Constant research is done by OMEGA TPC utilising various metals and precise heat treatment under the auspice of the best metallurgical engineers available.

Constant innovations bring about faster fitting times and alternative grommet fitting procedures.

OMEGA TPC delivers, no matter what the preferences.

Top-end quality makes OMEGA Tyre Protection Chains the leader in this field.

OMEGA CHAINS manufacture and supply to the tyre (tire) industry tyre protection chains (TPC).

OMEGA CHAINS' tyre protection chains (TPC) protect tyres from excessive wear and tear.

TPC ensure huge cost savings in excess of 25%.

Use OMEGA CHAINS' TPC for peace of mind.

PEWAG and RUD Chains compete with Omega Chains for market dominance, each having it’s pitfalls and advantages. For example, the Omega Chain being the world’s best HOT SLAG Chain, and having the lowest CPM-cost than any other Chain in the world, maintaining its superior quality.

OMEGA CHAINS supply 35-52% more surface cover area, giving 35-52% more tyre protection measured against any other Tyre Protection Chain manufacturer. OMEGA CHAINS successfully claim the superior chain accolade with pride”


Omega Tyre / Tire Protection Chains are the only Sandvik authorised tyre protection chain to be used on all Sandvik machines including LHD's.

Omega TPC received the accolade after 12 years of testing i.a. at the world's deepest mine. Omega chains were the only chain proved to have zero negative effect on LHD 's transmission and/or axles.

AFRICHAIN MARKETING and OMEGA CHAINS are the only TPC companies that promote Environmental Policies and Environment Enhancing Tyre Protection Chains

"The world’s deepest mine only uses Omega Chains – The BEST calls for the BEST - Undisputable!"

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